Dr. Grant

Southwest Georgia Health District
(September 2010)

As many of you know, approximately two years ago a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, Friends of Southwest Health District, Inc. was established by a small board to financially support and advocate on behalf of our public health district. The organization’s work is carried out strictly by the volunteer efforts of board members and donations. Hence, there is no administrative overhead. Approximately one year ago, the board members voted to use a portion of their funds to purchase prenatal vitamins and other recommended supplements for prenatal patients enrolled in our Centering prenatal program. Our pharmacy program was able to purchase prenatal vitamins for women without insurance and fish oil and calcium for all patients at a substantially reduced cost. Research has proven these supplements to be very beneficial to both the mother and her unborn child. Since Medicaid does not cover fish oil or calcium supplements and they are rather costly, many of our patients would be less inclined to make the purchases without assistance.

There are other public health needs, especially during these difficult economic times that the board would have loved to be able to fund. However, we have not taken in enough donations to take on any other projects. There are ways to help if you like. For the month of October, Friends of Southwest Health District, Inc. will be engaged in its first fundraiser. Friends will be selling candles, holiday gift wrap and food mixes from the Celebrating Home Fall/Winter 2010 fundraising guide. Up to 50% of the purchase will go to Friends of Southwest Georgia, Inc.

You can help if you are so inclined by volunteering your time, in the afterhours of course, or by making a purchase.

If you would like to help in some other way, please consider making a small donation to the organization and encouraging others who may need a tax write off to match your donation. Any amount helps! If everyone in our District gave one dollar, we would have over $350,000. Imagine the possibilities of what we could do with additional unrestricted resources to improve the health of Southwest Georgians.

We also need additional persons from counties other than Dougherty and Lee to join the board of Friends of Southwest Health District, Inc. We will be meeting quarterly and some of the meetings will be via conference call. Please let us know if you or others in your community are interested.

 We have discussed plans to sponsor a golf tournament or other active event to raise health awareness. This smaller scale fund raiser will hopefully provide the seed funds needed to organize bigger fundraising. If you are interested in giving your time, talent or a monetary contribution to Friends of Southwest Health District, Inc please contact a current board member: Nancy Rumph, Carol Williams, Dr. Lucille Wilson, Dr. Bernard Scoggins, Jerome Hubbard, Annette Bowling, or me.

Thank you for all you currently do for our District and for what’s to come,
Jacqueline H. Grant, MD, MPH, MPA

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