The Southwest Health District's Office of All Hazards Preparedness (DOAHP)

The Southwest Health District’s Office of All Hazards Preparedness is one of 18 Emergency Preparedness and Response proHazard Masksgrams located in health districts throughout the state. Established in 2002, this program is responsible for coordinating local and district planning for public health emergencies and disasters, including biological, chemical and nuclear terrorism.

Through partnerships with hospitals, health care organizations, city and county governments, law enforcement, fire, EMS and EMA, we work to assure plans are in place to protect the health of Southwest Georgians during a public health emergency.

County Health Departments and local community partners are working to develop integrated community response plans that will coordinate with the district/regional and state emergency response plans.  To assist us in addressing the emergency response issues of Mass Care, Housing, Human Services, and Health and Medical Services, we not only look within our organization for help from our nurses, environmental health specialists, and epidemiologists, we also look to the communities for VOLUNTEERS.

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Julie Miller, Emergency Preparedness Director
(229) 430-1966