Office of Information and Technology

During Fiscal Year 1995, a Local Area Network (LAN) was installed at the District Office as part of Georgia's Information Network for Public Health Officials (GA INPHO).  That LAN provided an electronic communications link between Health District 8-2 and other State and District level Public Health Offices.

Health District 8-2 has continually worked to expand the INPHO providing the capability for statewide electronic communications to each County Health Department in the District.  After the 1994 Flood, the District received Federal Flood Funding to build its Information System Infrastructure.  During Fiscal Years 1996 and 1997, this funding was used to install Local Area Networks in each of the fourteen (14) County Health Departments in District 8-2 and then connect those LANs to the State's network backbone, creating a Wide Area Network (WAN).  This WAN is currently being used to provide e-mail communication, electronic transfer of data, Internet access, and some centralized system maintenance.  Plans for future development include, yet are not limited to, expansion of District immunization registry and electronic reporting of notifiable diseases.

Information System support for District 8-2 is provided through a collaboration of efforts at both the District and County levels.  The District MIS staff consists of a Director, two full-time Call Center Operators, and two full-time Micro Systems Support Specialists.  In July of 1998, as part of the INPHO II project, another Micro Systems Support Specialist was added as part of the staff to provide support to providers as they connect to Public Health computer systems for immunization registry purposes.