Predictions of active hurricane season prompt Public Health preparedness recommendations. Press Release (PDF)
May 25, 2010

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The following can be placed under the Preparedness Link H1N1 Sign Language Videos ASL (American Sign Language) videos can now be found at

Public Health stresses workplace preparedness in aftermath of H1N1 outbreak
Southwest Health District has three words of advice for businesses both large and small: Get ready. Now...more pdf logo

Mitchell County to test community readiness March 11 with full-scale anthrax exercise
First responders, healthcare professionals, students and volunteers will spend an intense morning March 11 experiencing how the community would respond if a biological terrorist attack overwhelmed the Mitchell County Hospital...more pdf logo

Preparedness is as easy as 1-2-3 with “do1thing,” a 12-month program that makes it easier for you to prepare yourself, your family, and your community for emergencies and disasters. Most people are aware of the need to prepare for emergencies and disasters, but don't get started because emergency preparedness is such a big job. The do1thing program breaks the job of emergency preparedness into 12 smaller pieces. To get started, just click on this link:

This hurricane season's succession of dangerous storms underscores the importance of emergency preparedness and the value of having a trained corps of local volunteers available for rapid response in Southwest Georgia
Medical Reserve Corps putting out call for volunteers.

Representatives from schools, government, volunteer organizations, law enforcement, medicine, industry and other groups spent half a day May 9 pondering how Lee County would respond to and recover from a disease outbreak that could sicken thousands...more

Disaster 101: Keep an emergency kit on hand
Disaster 102: Develop a family emergency plan
Disaster 103: Southwest District Public Health offers ways to be informed
Disaster 104: Volunteer with the Regional Emergency Medical Corps

Volunteers from all disciplines – not just health care – welcome to join newly created Southwest Georgia Regional Medical Reserve Corps- more pdf logo

Volunteer with Public Health
PUBLIC HEALTH WANTS YOU...TO BE PREPARED! The Southwest Health District's Office of All Hazard Preparedness, in collaboration with local health departments and community partners, is intimately involved in emergency preparedness for both natural and man-made emergencies. For more information on how you can be ready for a hurricane, tornado, chemical spill, terrorist act, or any other kind of public health emergency
CDC/Red Cross Preparedness Website

Great Pandemic of 1918- In just three weeks, from October 19th to November 9th, there were more than 20,000 cases and more than 500 deaths...Lessons to be learned

Pandemic Flu . It’s not the flu you’re used to. Unlike the flu that goes around every year, pandemic flu is different.....more pdf logo`

Southwest Public Health Pandemic Influenza Response Plan - This plan provides guidance to Public Health -Southwest Georgia and regional partners regarding detection, response and recovery from an influenza pandemia.

To learn more on how to prepare yourself, your family, your business and your church for a pandemic please see the Influenza Preparedness Checklist, (En Espanol)at

HRSA Emergency Preparedness Training Calendar (26th August, 2008)

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