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Seminole County - Infectious Disease

The Infectious Disease Program

HIV/AIDS – Provides Counseling, Testing and Referral Services. Risk Reduction and ADAP and patient Direct Benefit support available.

STD – Sexually Transmitted Disease Program – Oversees testing, treatment and management of common STD’s in local health departments. The program also oversees treatment protocol orders, conducts program audit and quality improvement services in all clinics.

Communicable/Infectious Disease – provides oversight and feedback related to causal identity, treatment, prevention and education.

Tuberculosis Control Program – Oversees local health departmentsproviding diagnostic, preventive, treatment and case management services to patients with infectious, as well as, latent tuberculosis infections. Coordinates consultative medical services. The program provides all services without cost to local patients.

SHAPP and Diabetes Program – Provides joint management of qualified patients. Hypertension Treatment Management includes blood pressure monitoring, medications, motivation, and clinical laboratory testing. The Diabetes Control Program provides monitoring for diabetic adult patients. Medication, education, nutrition classes and laboratory services are provided for diagnosed individuals. Diabetic retinopathy screening is also available through the program.

Outreach Education – provides relevant training, presentations, in-services and workshops. Topics include Occupational Exposure to Pathogens for Healthcare Workers, Infection Control, and Tuberculosis Skin Testing.

Remy Hutchins RN, BSN, MPH – Program Coordinator
Norma Evans – Administrative Assistant II
Voice: (229) 430-7870
Fax: (229) 430-2920